Mexico City & Tulum


In 2019 my wife and I went to Mexico City to visit friends. We returned home with a new favourite city. I documented some of my favourite sites and things with my Minolta SR-T 101, and a bag full of Kodak Ultra Max 400 in this photojournal. I chose this Kodak film because of the rich colours, hopefully, equal to the vibrance of Mexican culture. Below are some select shots.

Mexico City was rich in inspiration and it can be found everywhere. Lettering abundant in character, illustrations full of personality, sculptures iconic yet ancient, and decor eclectic and stunning. When we had downtime, for example, in a hammock on a beach in Tulum, I sketched some of my favourite things I’d seen from pictures on my phone.

Mexico City is without a doubt the most colourful place I’ve ever been to. The colour gives the city a vibrance and energy that I haven’t felt elsewhere.







We made sure to visit Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera’s home/studio. A purpose-built piece of architecture designed by Juan O’Gorman. It’s equal parts function as it is beauty.



After Mexico City, we flew to the beach for a few days. The antithesis of Mexico City, Tulum felt like your typical paradise but lacked the character of the big city. One thing we wanted to do was go snorkelling off the reef and explore some of the town’s cenotes. I’d brought with me an underwater disposable camera to take, not realising the film expired in 2007.