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Kiva Confections
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Kiva Confections, a premium cannabis edibles creator, partnered with Bukwild to reestablish its online presence. Our main goals were to provide an elevated, luxury experience that feels on par with the quality of their product. We needed to bring an innovative edge to the site, leveraging latest technologies for product discovery, while paying attention to the intricacies of cannabis laws and regulations.

A premium elegance is captured through the use of rich textures and Locomotive’s parallax smooth scroll library.

When we initially presented concepts to Kiva Confections, we named this one “The Candy Store.” The art direction of the site borrows elements from a tactic used in shop windows and museum exhibits. It theorises that objects can be imbibed with characteristics from the elements in closest proximity to them.

A couple of examples of this: A tin of cannabis gummies placed close to a macro photograph of juicy pineapple and a swatch of green will give off a sense of freshness. A bar of cannabis chocolate paired with a macro photograph of high-quality marble and a swatch of gold will feel elevated and premium.

Using this principle we created a design system that could unify a variety of distinct brands, while still having room to show off their unique personalities and characteristics.